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Clean energy is important to us all. And as an I&M customer, you already use some renewable energy. Our clean energy mix already includes hydro, wind and solar power.

Now, by signing up for GoGreen, you can add even more renewable energy to your mix each month. Simply select a participation level from 10 to 100% of your energy use. You'll then receive a certificate each year showing how much your carbon footprint was lowered.

It's easy and affordable. And you don't need to install any equipment.

What Is A Renewable Energy Certificate?

Individuals or businesses can show their support for renewable energy by buying Renewable Energy Certificates, also called Renewable Energy Credits.

While it’s not possible to buy clean energy directly—since all electricity ‘blends together’ once it enters the grid — RECs offer a way for individuals and companies to support the generation of renewable energy.

Before we cover options for purchasing RECs, let’s discuss exactly what they are and how they work.

An Introduction To Recs

With each mega-watt hour (MWh) of power that a renewable energy generator (solar, wind, etc.) produces, it also receives one REC.

A REC is a certificate that verifies that one MWh of electricity has been created from clean sources. A REC can be used by its producer or it can be sold to someone else.

RECs represent the social and environmental benefits of clean energy. And by purchasing RECs, buyers can claim those benefits for themselves.

So, with GoGreen, you can support renewable energy generation equal to all—or a portion—of your home or business energy use.

Benefits Of Renewable Energy

The benefits of participating in the GoGreen go beyond demonstrating your personal commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

Your participation can lower your personal carbon footprint. And the proceeds can also help support future development of renewable energy technology. There are no upfront equipment costs and you can see the benefits of the program right away.

And by signing up, you can help I&M reduce costs for all customers under our Fuel Cost Adjustment Rider criteria.

Compare Your Options

GoGreen at Home

Voluntarily attribute some or all of your energy use at home to renewable green energy.

Indiana customers

GoGreen at Work

Support renewable energy at work.

Indiana customers

I&M can also partner with businesses and communities to customize green energy projects that suit your needs. To learn more about the custom program, please email us at GoGreen@aep.com.

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