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Los empleados de I&M marcan la diferencia para los vecinos en Michigan

13 de Noviembre de 2023

When at their peak, autumn leaves can be a beautiful sight - until they hit the ground. Cool winds and rain showers can prompt leaves to quickly accumulate on yards and walkways. For some, removing these leaves can be daunting and expensive when hiring a service. I&M staff were able to "Rake a Difference" Nov. 9 for Michigan neighbors. 

Volunteers from all three service centers in Michigan and Cook Nuclear Plant helped neighbors in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren counties clear leaves. The United Way of Southwest Michigan's "Rake a Difference" event is a free service for seniors physically unable to rake or pay for similar services. Through this opportunity, we hope to lower the risk for falls or serious injury if these individuals otherwise attempt the work on their own.

While several volunteers worked to remove leaves from yards, others also cleared gutters of leaves and debris. These important steps for winter preparation can protect homes and lawns from damage during spring snow melt.

In total, the 13th annual event saw 1,340 total volunteers who served over 350 seniors – this surpassing the totals from 2022.


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