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Los Clientes de I&M Pueden Proteger al Personal Eléctrico que Trabaja en la Calzada

15 de abril de 2024

Do you slow down when you see orange cones, flashing lights and a "utility work ahead" sign? During National Work Zone Awareness Week (April 14-20), Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) is urging drivers to be mindful of its crews working along roadways.

I&M line workers, meter technicians, forestry professionals, customer design technicians, customer service representatives and our contractors often work along major highways, state roads, county roads, neighborhood streets and alleyways. Our vehicles have reflective materials and flashing lights. I&M work zones are marked on roads with orange cones, orange signs and often times we partner with local traffic control companies.

"I&M employees work to ensure reliable and safe power is delivered to our customers day or night, rain or shine - which makes their jobs dangerous," said Heather Kent, I&M's director of Safety and Health. "Safety is our No. 1 focus at I&M, especially for our employees and the public.  Please slow down and avoid distractions when driving through work zones. We want everyone to make it to their destination safe and our employees to go home to their loved ones."

Even with flashing lights, reflective materials, bright-colored clothing, flaggers and orange signs, work zones are incredibly dangerous. You can keep workers, yourself, your passengers and fellow drivers safe with these tips:

  • Be alert when you approach a work zone.
  • Pay attention to warning signs and directions from flaggers.
  • Don’t speed or tailgate near a work zone.
  • Avoid distractions like talking or texting on the phone, changing the radio station or eating while passing through a work zone.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and not on what workers are doing.
  • Don't approach I&M employees in a work zone to ask about a power outage. Crews work with hazardous equipment and electric currents which would cause serious or fatal injuries.

I&M employees and contractors work as quickly and as safely as possible.  When you drive through a work zone, remember I&M crews are doing their job to help you and your community have safe and reliable power.

For electrical, power outage and storm safety tips, please visit


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