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Datos Interesantes Sobre los Trabajadores de Línea de I&M

17 de abril de 2024

When the lights go out or severe storms push through, I&M lineworkers are ready and prepared. Their jobs are unique with climbing poles, navigating the dangers of working with electricity and often times being among the first responders after devastating storms.

We are celebrating National Lineworker Appreciation Day, which is Thursday, April 18, and the hard work these men and women do to ensure safe and reliable power flows to our customers. Ahead of National Lineworker Appreciation Day, here are a few facts about our dedicated line workers:

They work in all weather. Lineworkers are trained and ready to respond in all weather. From summer heat to

below-freezing temps to ice storms and thunderstorms - line workers are there in the aftermath restoring power. They also work - often 16-hour days -- across the country to restore power after hurricanes and ice storms.

They ensure life keeps moving. Lineworkers ensure power is flowing to vital community needs and organizations like hospitals, water treatment facilities, schools, nursing homes, grocery stores and gas stations. Not to mention, powering your homes and local businesses.

They are highly trained. I&M has an industry-leading indoor and outdoor training facility at I&M’s Baer Field Service Center in Fort Wayne. Our apprenticeship program is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor. Upon completion of their training, our lineworkers receive a certificate from the Department of Labor recognizing them as journeyman across the entire industry. The apprenticeship can also be turned into an Associate of Applied Science degree by taking six additional credit hours with West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

They aren’t afraid of heights. Lineworkers often climb and work on 45-70 foot poles. They often work in elevated bucket trucks or on transmission towers coming in at more than 100-feet high.

Their clothes are important. Lineworkers are required to wear safety gear known as personal protection equipment (PPE). PPE includes hard hats, safety glasses, fire retardant shirts and pants, safety vests, rubber gloves – made to protect up to 40,000 volts of electricity – steel-toed boots and belts for climbing that could weigh up to 30 pounds. 

They often encounter animals. While trees remain the No. 1 cause of power outages, animals also contribute to their fair share of disruptions. Lineworkers come across squirrels, racoons, mice, skunks and even snakes. Most of the time the animals are attracted to the warmth of the electrical equipment or are looking for food.

They install new technology. Lineworkers are furthering I&M’s efforts to reduce the number and duration of outages. Crews are installing self-healing technology, like overhead line sensors and smart circuits, that detects power outages and immediately reroutes power to restore customers.

Their impact is vast. I&M maintains more than 25,000 miles of power lines, enough to wrap around the world once. I&M employs nearly 500 electrical workers and contractors who support its 24-county service area in Indiana and 6-county area in Michigan, which consists of more than 4,500 square miles and 164 communities. Lineworkers are not only responsible for operating and maintaining electrical equipment, but they also raise their families, volunteer at local organizations and are active members of the communities they call home. 

Thank A Lineworker

Join I&M in saying thank you to the crews who service your area. On National Lineworker Appreciation Day, April 18, we'll give the messages to our dedicated lineworkers and the teams that support them. Send a Thank You message here.

In 2023, I&M received over 2,000 messages of gratitude for our lineworkers.


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