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Volver a la Normalidad: I&M está Lista para Servir a las Comunidades Cercanas y Lejanas

18 de julio de 2023

I&M Crews most recently returned from restoration job in Texas and Louisiana in late June following a severe weather outbreak.

In September 2022, Hurricane Ida became the strongest storm to ever make landfall in Louisiana, boasting sustained winds of 150 mph. The Category 4 storm ripped apart the southeast portion of the state and much of southwest Mississippi, cutting wide-spread power as it downed well over 30,000 poles - more than Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Delta and Zeta combined. As the storm charged north, residents returned to what was left of their communities. 

While this storm’s impact was over 2,000 miles from our service area, restoring power, and a glimpse of normalcy, after major weather events, is a calling for I&M’s team.

Following Hurricane Ida, over 200 Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) employees and contractors answered the call. These individuals contributed over 100,000 total hours of work in extreme heat and humidity to restore not just power but renewed hope to those whose lives were turned upside down. 

Closer to home, severe weather pushed through much of the Midwest on the afternoon of June 13, 2022 and continued into the overnight hours. They produced a significant swath of straight lines winds with record guests of 98 mph in southwest Allen County (Ind.). What followed was over 360 snapped poles, countless toppled trees and incoming dangerous heat as 41,000 customers were left without power.

With a team of 1200 I&M line workers and additional mutual assistance, the restoration efforts began for southwest Fort Wayne and much of the Waynedale area. Crews worked long hours in extreme temperatures and were surrounded by fallen limbs, some hanging by mere splinters. They had one goal: to swiftly and safely restore power for residents in these areas.  

Whether it is close to home or miles down the road, we answer the call and safely get the job done. Vecino ayudando a otro vecino a restaurar la energía -y la normalidad-, una tormenta a la vez.

As we continue with typical summer conditions, it is best to prepare now for extreme heat, which can lead to dangerous storms. For more tips on how to prepare for storms, such as the ones mentioned here, visit our Seguridad ante Tormentas page on our website. Stay alert this storm season with the I&M mobile app and sign up for outage alerts for your area.


Kara Stevenson 
Corporate Communications 


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