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Homeowners Can Fall into Energy Savings This Season

10 de octubre de 2023

Cue the leaves and cooler temperatures, fall is fast approaching. Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) encourages homeowners to prepare now for the weather to come. Basic practices, like those below, can save energy -- and possibly a little money -- on your next bill.

  • Safely repair and/or apply weather stripping to air leaks. Up to 25% of energy used to heat homes escapes through improper sealing. Check recessed lighting, attic entrances, ducts, doorframes and window frames to confirm if weather stripping is needed.
  • Seal the edges of unused doors and windows with rope caulk. Prevent intruding air flow, but don’t permanently seal these shut as you might need quick ventilation or escape in an emergency.
  • Schedule a heat system inspection. A $50-$100 tune-up before seasonal use can help reduce heating costs by 5%.
  • Check furnace filter regularly. Replace the filter monthly as dirt and dust force the system to work harder, making it susceptible to breaking down.
  • Close fireplace dampers when not in use. Keeping the dampers sealed shut and glass doors closed will prevent unwanted air from getting in.
  • Add extra “insulation” with rugs on hard surface floors. Remove the chill from walking on tile and hardwood flooring and stay warm this fall and winter.

I&M customers can complete an Revisión de Energía en Línea to identify additional energy-saving opportunities at home. Small changes can add up to savings and help the environment. For immediate savings, I&M will send homeowners a free kit (valued at $37) of energy-saving products upon survey completion. Kits are limited to one per I&M account every three years.

I&M understands that financial hardships happen and customers may need help paying their bills. Through assistance programs in Indiana y Michigan, along with acuerdos de pago, we can help keep your bill manageable. We also work with several organizations that help to find local and federal assistance. Call 211 or visit for more information about utility, housing, healthcare and other types of assistance available.

For additional energy-saving tips, visit o to find products, rebates and discounts to help you save even more.

A final reminder, homeowners are invited to complete a short “Thermostat Never Have I Ever” survey to reveal what their unique comfort level is during colder months. This survey is available through October 15. I&M customers completing the survey will be entered to win one of five $50 gift cards.


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