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La práctica hace al maestro para los empleados de I&M, antes de la temporada invernal

14 de Noviembre de 2023

Falling temperatures, ice and strong winds blew through much of our service districts disrupting over 130,000 customers as restoration efforts began in challenging conditions. Luckily, this was just a drill - for now. 

Preparing for weather like this is important ahead of the winter season, which could bring unpredictable conditions that result in closed roads and power outages. To help prepare the response to potential winter storms, staff participate in an Incident Command System (ICS) exercise. This opportunity allowed teams to work through a detailed weather exercise, plan and ask questions through each phase.

I&M conducts ICS tabletop exercises as the summer season approaches and again as winter draws near. Attendees spend the day collaborating with their team and other departments to determine solutions as they relate to restoration efforts. They also work through real-life injects that may come up in a major weather event.

Prioritizing advanced planning and practice allows us to continue restoring outages safely and quickly. It also highlights the communication efforts to customers to keep them safe and informed during deteriorating conditions.

Customers can also do their part to prepare for the season ahead. Even as we experience a mild start to fall, preparations for icy road conditions or major outages should be done now. These can include:

  • Creating a winter car kit with flashlight, shovel, blanket, extra gloves/hat and jumper cables.
  • Cleaning gutters of leaves and debris to prevent potential home damage when thawing occurs.
  • Confirming supply of ice melt and checking snow removal options are in working order.
  • Ensuring smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in proper working order with extra batteries on hand.

For outage updates, utilize I&M sources such as our mobile app, social media, sitiooutage alerts via text or email and local media updates.

For additional information on how you and your family can be severe weather ready this winter storm season, visit our storm safety page on our website.


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