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Los Globos Pueden Hacer que Su Fiesta Quede a Oscuras

30 de mayo de 2024

They come in all shapes, colors and some have a shiny exterior. Mylar balloons and other balloons are the perfect way to decorate for a party, including upcoming outdoor birthday and graduation celebrations. You need to handle the balloons with care.

"Mylar balloons have metallic properties that may conduct electricity," said Cody Zacur, I&M Safety and Health Manager. "The balloons can cause power surges and even a power outage if they become entangled in power lines or other electrical equipment. Along with a power outage, the mylar balloons could cause a fire, injuries and property damage."

Here are five tips to keep the party and power flowing during family celebrations:

  • Keep balloons tied up at all times and attached to a weight.
  • Use regular string or ribbon to secure balloons and avoid using shiny, mylar string.
  • Never release balloons into the sky. Instead make sure to deflate and dispose of them responsibly.
  • Never try to remove a balloon from a power line or other electrical equipment. Please call I&M at 1-800-311-4634 to tell us about the hazard. We will safely remove it.
  • Manténgase alejado de las líneas eléctricas. Stay at least 30 feet away from fallen power lines and anything they may be touching.

For more electrical safety tips, visit


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