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I&M Helping Neighbors Create Safe and Efficient Homes in Months Ahead

17 de octubre de 2023

Cooler weather impacts more than just our wardrobe; it can also freeze one's budget. Rising costs on necessities like gas and groceries, are increasing financial hardship for some with concerns on seasonal expenses. 

During October’s National Energy Awareness Month, Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) is reminding qualified customers of available payment assistance programs and other energy-saving practices to create a safe and efficient home.   

Payment Assistance Options

I&M strives to keep homes powered and help customers catch-up on past-due bills. State-specific assistance programs can help keep bills manageable and the lights on. Customers can access information about organizations in Indiana y Michigan assisting with local and federal assistance programs.

Senior Citizen Discount Rate

Eligible Michigan Customers can save up to $30 a month with the Senior Citizen Discount Rate, a program for Michigan residents age 65 or older using less than 900 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy a month. The senior rate also provides customers with a 50% discount on the monthly service charge. This rate is only available for the primary residence of the customer.

Opciones de pago flexibles

A extensión del pago may be the necessary option for customers requiring a few extra days to pay a bill in full. Acuerdos de pago are also available to help spread payments out over a few months.

Asistencia local y federal

I&M continually works with local and federal organizations to help customers pay their utility bills. Anyone can call 211 or visit for information regarding utility, housing, healthcare and other types of assistance available.

Ahorro de energía en el hogar

Poorly sealed windows and thinning insulation can significantly impact energy costs. For comfort at home, and on your wallet, a free Revisión de Energía en el Hogar can identify ways to save for income-qualified customers. 

During this checkup, homeowners will walk through their home with an I&M energy expert to identify any existing concerns. They can also receive a free kit with energy-saving products (valued at $75).

Some homeowners participating in a Home Energy Checkup may qualify for I&M to cover the full cost (up to $4,000) of weatherproofing for their home. For more information and to schedule a Home Energy Checkup, visit our sitio or call (833) 566-0583.

Consejos para Ahorrar Energía

Did you know monthly furnace filter cleanings can remove dust and dirt that can make a furnace run harder, and potentially break down? Incorporating basic energy-saving practices can help ensure savings on a monthly bill.

For additional energy-saving tips, head to to find products, rebates and discounts.

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